Data Analytics and Reporting

While some digital agencies may go silent after a deal is sealed, our approach is different. We operate from a data-centric perspective, ensuring consistent and transparent communication at every stage. Our digital services guarantee you our standard monthly reporting, encompassing comprehensive performance data, detailed breakdowns by ad creative and locations, and relevant demographic insights. Our experts are readily available to address your questions and keep you informed every step of the way.

Advanced Reporting

Elevate your reporting capabilities with our advanced Reporting, an ideal choice for campaigns focused on conversions and seeking a more comprehensive analysis. While our standard report is suitable for campaigns under $1,000 in digital, the advanced reporting goes beyond, incorporating conversion event tracking on your site, in-depth analytics, and an estimated ROI for your digital endeavors.

Why choose advanced reporting?

Gain all insights from the standard report.
Track conversion events on your site.
Receive detailed analytics to empower your marketing decisions.
Estimate the ROI of your digital campaigns.

Requirements for Advanced Reporting

To provide you with estimated ROI data, we’ll need some key information. We’ll start by learning your overall goals, the estimated close percentage of leads on your site, and the average value of each customer from closed leads. Typical tracked leads include phone calls, form submissions, and application starts.

After gathering the data for your estimated online closing ratio, we’ll set up analytics and “events” tracking through Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, as detailed in the “Tagging and Tracking” section below. This advanced reporting ensures a more insightful and tailored analysis of your digital campaign performance.

Tagging and Tracking Website Conversion Events

Tagging and tracking analytics are required for advanced reporting. We’ll require administrative access to your Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, or we can create these analytics accounts on your behalf if necessary. The process involves establishing goals, implementing tagging, and compiling enhanced reports, with the following associated costs:

A one-time fee of $200 if you already have Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager set up and need to grant us access.

A one-time charge of $400 if we need to set up your Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager for you.

Once configured, the following ten types of deeper insights can be tracked across digital channels:

Clicks for directions
Email submissions
Newsletter signups
Social follows
Event registrations

Requests for appointments
eCommerce transactions
New visitor tracking
Traffic source analysis
Time spent on site

This comprehensive setup ensures a thorough understanding of your digital performance, paving the way for strategic optimization.