Accessibility Widget

Make your website accessible for individuals with disabilities with our AI-driven web accessibility solution. Ensure a user-friendly and inclusive online experience for all with a solution that is fully compliant with WCAG, ADA, and other pertinent accessibility regulations.

With just a single line of JavaScript code, we can instantly launch two applications that achieve compliance:

Accessibility Interface

Engage our session-based design and UI adjustment tool, tailoring accessibility modifications to individual user needs. This includes adjustments for readable fonts, sizing, spacing, color contrasts, cursors, emphases, and more. Users can opt for pre-set accessibility profiles or make standalone adjustments for a personalized experience.

AI-Powered Processes

Tackle intricate requirements for screen reader and keyboard navigation optimizations through our advanced contextual understanding, OCR, and image recognition AI technologies. The system automatically rescans your website every 24 hours post-remediation to ensure ongoing accessibility and compliance with all content updates and adjustments.

Why does my website need to be accessible?

Enhanced SEO

Implementing accessibility options on your site can contribute to improved search rankings, ensuring better visibility in search engine results.

Increased Engagement

Ensuring accessibility on your website broadens its usability, allowing more customers to access your site and your services.

Legal Protection

Integrating an accessibility solution can safeguard your business from potential legal challenges, saving you from costly legal fees.

Reputation Enhancement

Investing in an improved website experience helps you avoid negative reviews and elevates customer loyalty.